Let’s Journal


Get to know the ‘friend at the end of your hand.’

There are no rules to journaling but there are tips to making it a welcomed part of your life journey.  It can involve making lists, ranting and raving, drawing stick figures, free form morning pages and late night blessings.  It can be a private way to keep track of your healing process or store uncomfortable musings.  And research has shown that just like meditation or other forms of mindfulness, it’s good for reducing stress.

Gwen has been journaling since she was seven and had a pink diary with a small lock and key.   She co-hosts this 3 hour workshop in your home or garden and helps with food, wine and invitations.  A complimentary journal is provided or participants (no more than 6) can bring their own.  No writing experience is required and there is no expectation that entries are to be read to others.

A theme might help set the focus . . .

  • journaling through the holidays
  • the write way to good health
  • when I heard the news
  • reflections on the day
  • handling life as it comes
  • no regrets, no remorse, no way!

Interested?  Gwen can make this an easy, fun and memorable event for you and your close circle of friends.  Contact me to discuss your ideas.  Let’s do something in 2014!

“Gwen teaches others to tap into their own creativity with an engaging style and winning personality.”
— Cheryl W. (Cleveland, OH)

“Gwen helps turn a writer’s inkling of a good idea into a great story.”
— Elisa S. (San Francisco, CA)

“Soon she had all of the writers involved and participating.”
— Jane B. (Nashville, TN)

“Gwen helps bring your thoughts and memories to the page.”
— Terri H. (Alexandria, VA)


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