Advocacy Writing

Persuasive Writing Techniques for Health Advocates

Persuasive writing is more than reporting facts and quoting statistics.  It’s a unique voice that blends credible information and current issues with a personal, well-received, clear message.  Stakeholders across the health care industry – patients, payers, providers, policy-makers – are increasingly challenged to manage the information regarding health reform coming from Washington and communicate in a purposeful and memorable way.

This half-day or full-day workshop for health executives, non-profits and professional societies provides easy-to-incorporate tips on writing to  move the needle.  Examples of current health policy topics include guidance on writing speeches, Congressional testimony, public comments, op/eds, white papers, and blogs.   Insights from other industries — consumer publications, TV and screen, public affairs, and social media — are also used for illustration.

Gwen has taught a 3-hour version of this workshop at the American Medical Writers Association annual conference for the past six years.

“Your workshop was certainly helpful and I hope to put some of the ideas into action soon.”
— Win Dawson, Medical Writer, MedSearch

“Gwen did a great job educating the audience on health policy reform at the AMWA annual conference.  I’ve received much feedback, all favorable.”
— Jennifer Grodberg, PhD, RAC,  Director, Regulatory Affairs, Trius Therapeutics

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