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Good health and a sense of well-being, wholeness and calm involve much more than an annual checkup with your doctor.  Traditional forms of medicine based on clinical research and academic success is made whole by the addition of spiritual, soul-based healing that comes from within.  Inspiring others is a joy so I often write about health and wellness in the context of lifestyle choices and personal growth.   For me, that may involve finding a peaceful respite for my mind to relax and my writing to flourish.  You’ll find these under “Where I Write.”   It also involves meditation, mindfulness, personal growth and self-motivation.   I write about these as well, and have published:

  • Feature articles in women’s magazines, print and online
  • Persuasive op-eds on topics of importance to a community or individual’s health
  • Inspiration “how to’s” for motivational presentations
  • Monthly health columns for large media outlets, such as WebMD and Medscape
  • Spa reviews — what to expect, finding the right fit, decoding “spa speak”
  • Travel logs of places that showcase nature, invite me to slow down, beckon a better way of living

I also have a keen interest and three decades of experience in health policy, government affairs and patient/stakeholder engagement.  The intersection of healthcare and policy has interested me throughout my career.  With the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act the need for clear, easy-to-understand, information about accessing the healthcare system is greater than ever.  My specialty is “translating” complex, detailed health policies into plain language.  Examples include:

  • White papers on trends in state health exchange enrollment
  • Board reports on implementation of Sunshine Act
  • Patient guidelines for enrollment in clinical trials
  • Public comments on proposed Medicare reimbursement
  • Participation summaries for industry advisory boards
  • Legislative analysis
  • Moderator workbooks for pharma advisory boards


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