Living in “Saturdays”

The late 1990s were a dark time for me.  My mother was in her third round of treatment for a rare form of cancer and her mother, who lived with her, had suffered a debilitating stroke. My job was secure, but an ambitious decision to go to law school at night required me to spend four nights a week in Baltimore.   A heart condition that had been dormant for years, flared up and I collapsed at work.

My one “social” outing a week was to go to church.  It was a sermon by Dr. Craig Barnes at National Presbyterian Church as Easter approached that inspired me and left such a profound impression on me that I instantly remember it whenever I think the darkness is about to snuff out the light.

I believe the title of his sermon was Living in Saturdays.  He talked about the sadness and confusion that comes with Good Friday.  He talked about the disillusionment – including his own father’s disappearance when he was a boy – and despair we associate with the crucifixion.   But he also talked about the glory and grace of Easter Sunday and that no matter how bleak and uncertain life can become, the hope and promise of eternal life always follows.   But it’s in the Saturdays, he said, where we do most of our living – somewhere between the rainy days of Good Friday and the sunshine of Easter morning.  And that’s where I was living at the time – in the uncertainty and anxiousness of the Saturday between these two important days.

None of us knows what is waiting down the road.  None of us knows how long our “Saturday” will last.  We do know, however, that we can face this time knowing we are not alone and that the encouragement and support of friends and family will strengthen our faith until the days are brighter.

Easter is a time for renewal.  Think spring.

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